سبد خرید
دوره غیرحضوری سان راید  انگلیسی،دوره سان راید کلید موفقیت،نمونه 4



دوره غیرحضوری سان راید زبان انگلیسی انتشارات کلید موفقیت، نمونه شماره 4 متن و فایل صوتی تدریس:

At the Hotel

Checking in

Checking in is pretty simple, you just need to go to the counter and say that you are checking in. They will ask you for your credit card and a photo ID.  They might confirm your information and you should receive your keys.  Here are some questions to ask during this time.

The guest

·         Hi, I am checking in.

·         Hi, I have a reservation and I am checking in.

·          I'd like to stay in a double room.

·         Do all the rooms have air-conditioning?

·         Is breakfast included?

·         When do you serve breakfast?

·          Where is the elevator?

·         Do you have concierge service here?

·         Do you have a map of the city?

·         Could you please call me a taxi?

·         What time is check out?

·          What are the hours for room service?

·         Do you have a bellman here?

·         Are there any laundry facilities?

·         Would it be possible to have a late check-out?

·         Could you give me a call at 7 tomorrow morning, please?

·         I'd like to pay in cash/by credit card/by traveler's cheque (AE: check).

·         How much should we tip the maid for cleaning our room?